The Hoverboard top 10 Pyramid: The Halo Rover All-Terrain Stay Tops

Recently, the self-balancing scooter which is also regarded as the hoverboard has gained so much prominence as a means of transport all over the world. However, as the prominence has increased, complaints about Hoverboard batteries being short-circuited have increased drastically. At the beginning of this development, it was a minor discussion.

However, this particular complaint has increased and hence, facilitated poor purchase of the Self Balancing Scooter limiting the commercial potential of this technology as well as reducing the spread of this ecofriendly means of transportation.

This problem which was once thought to be restricted to particular makes of the product seems to be a general issue at the end of the day. In early 2018, the Consumer Product Safety Commission of the United States (CPSC) declared an official recall of all Hoverboards since the means of transportation have now become a waste of fortune.

I guess you are wondering “How does the call back of Hoverboards imply a waste of fortune?” By implication of the action of the CPSC, half of a Million unit of Hoverboards which had been sold were returned to eight manufacturers for repair and as a result, none was bought. In fact, as a result of the malfunctioning of these transport tools, thanks to the batteries being short circuited, properties worth 2 Million Dollars have been damaged.

Today, this mistake seems to have been corrected and, in the market, today we have Hoverboards guaranteed safe for use. This is a testimony to man’s ability to solve his problems.

Here is a review of Hoverboards for the year 2018 so far. This is more like a directory for a Hoverboard lover who wants to find luxury and ease in transport. This is a top ten ranking of Hoverboards. Be enlightened!

Please note that one who will like to get a quality and safe Hoverboard will have to follow this write up to the end.

On the summit of the Hoverboard pyramid is the Halo Rover All-Terrain hoverboard. This 126 lbs weighing hoover board boast of a high-density aluminium fender wings as well as it is equipped with a max all terrain type of tyre. This product is a real means of transportation thanks to its efficiency. With the Halo Rover All-Terrain Hoverboard, you have no worries as to catching up with events as early as possible so far, the distance is one reasonable considering the ability of the hoverboard technology. The Halo Rover All-Terrain hoverboard at its best can achieve a speed of 10 miles per hour in a range of about 10 miles. Such a means of transportation!

With this quality product, hoverboard lovers need not worry about short circuit batteries nor batteries with short shelf life. The Halo Rover All-Terrain hoverboard being a UL2272 Certified product comes with a UL certified fire safe battery. The battery is also followed up with an in-built app to monitor its state.

Just like other means of road transport, Halo Rover All-Terrain hoverboard is equipped with accessories aimed at ensuring your safety while on the road. Such accessories include; LED headlamps and break lights, a no fall assist technology during rides, 8.5 inches tyres and dual 400w motors that will help its users to ride over grass, dirt, rough terrains as well as normal grounds freely. Halo Rover All-Terrain hoverboard can be purchased on online stores at the range of $90 to $150 on eBay.

Without much ado, let me show you the next in rank to the Halo Rover when descending the pyramid of hoverboards. The runner up product when talking about the hoverboard as a transport tool is the SwagTron T1.

The SwagTron T1 is a popular product in the hoverboard industry. This product is one of the most comfortable hoverboard ever seen. Just like the Halo Rover, it is a UL2272 certified product. The UL2272 certification implies that a any hoverboard that possess it is free from any for of battery problem. The product is indeed a breakthrough in transportation since this product can also afford to transport people at 8 miles per hour even at a range of up to twelve miles when at its best. Like other means of road transport, T1 as it is popular referred to is equipped with accessories to ensure the safety of the user. Such tools include: LED headlights, battery indicators, rubber bumpers and a lightweight body. The price varies though. However, it is sold in the range of $250 to $350 on Amazon.

It is called the self-balancing transporter with mobile application. Occupying the third spot is the Segway miniPRO. Though very expensive, the Segway miniPRO takes the thirds spot thanks to its UL2272 certification, its 10.5-inch tyres which are able to absorb any shock and its engine which is capable of delivering 1600w amount of power making it capable of attaining a maximum speed of 10 miles per hour in a distance of 14 miles when at its best. The engine power makes this equipment a real means of road transportation.

The uniqueness of this hoverboard is found in its padded knee gear. Unlike other hoverboards that are steered with foot pivoted steering, this hoverboard engages the knees also making the hoverboard easier to steer. This equipment like I said is so expensive. It costs $598.99 on amazon.

Still descending the pyramid of hoverboards, we have the fourth position held by another SWATRON product, the SWAGTRON T580.

This hoverboard is a UL2270 transport tool built to be eco-friendly. It has a Bluetooth speaker that are compatible with any phone just like all the hoverboards on this top ten ranking. In essence you can enjoy good music while you take a jolly and safe ride on your hoverboard.

Here at number 5, we have the SWAGTRON T6. This means of transportation is just like its predecessor on the hoverboard pyramid but it has something special though. It is the fastest of the top five hoverboards. The T6 as it is popularly known can attain a speed of 12 miles per hour at its best as well as it has a a UL2270 certification.

The SWAGTRON is just bent on making quality hoverboards as another quality Self Balancing Scooter takes up the sixth spot. This special hover board is the SWAGTRON T3, an upgrade of the T1. Just like the T1, SWAGTRON T3 has a UL2270 certification. However, unlike the T1, it has dual 300w power producing motors that make the means of transportation to attain an average speed in the range of 7 to 12 miles per hour.

The 7th spot is occupied by a new name in the count down so far. In this position lies the Razor Hovertrax 2.0 which is also dubbed as the smartest hoverboard. Like the other hoverboards described so far, this hoverboard has a UL2270 certification as well as it is equipped with led headlights and break lights. It has a dual 350w power producing motors. However, this product has an unimpressive 60 minutes duration when fully charged. What a shame as it seems to have crossed from being a means of transportation to become a mere toy.

On number 8 spot, we have the hoverboard for budget conscious hoverboard lovers. There is nothing special about this hoverboard safe the fact that it is the most affordable. It has a UL2270 certification like all other hoverboards on this list.

So close to the base of the pyramid is this special hoverboard from Hoveron. It is the Hoveron S. It has a UL2270 certification, it has two speed modes to aid easy learning for newbies, fireproof exterior casing as well as sensor pedals. The special thing about this pedal is its exclusive ageis armour. As much as this feature sounds controversial, it helps to protect the battery life of the hoverboard.

Right at the base of the hoverboard top ten pyramid is the XtremepowerUS hoverboard. This UL2270 certified transport machine found its way to the pyramid primarily, due to the fact that it was especially designed for kids.

More about the prices of this hoverboards can be found on online stores.

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